When Upgrading Is No Longer An Option

I’m Patrick Kelly, currently living in Shawnee, Kansas. I’m a huge technology nerd, and seem to be the go to guy for family tech support because of this. I am totally blind, and have cerebral palsy. I had a stroke when born as well, since I was born at 26 weeks. This has forced me to type one-handed. I can type 35 WPM last time I tested myself, but I tend to slow down a lot the longer I type.

I don’t currently use any adaptive keyboards or other assistive hardware to access the computer. I shied away from these types of devices since they have to be configured each time I want to use a different system.
I did however, use Dragon Naturally Speaking with Jaws for Windows 14 and J-Say 11.2, but when I upgraded to Windows 10, I was forced to go back to typing since I didn’t have the money to pay for upgrades to all 3 pieces of software to keep dictation working. I have found that Dragon meets my needs much better than Windows Speech Recognition.
Our state agency for the blind has no money, so asking for an upgrade to that software and Jaws and J-Say because of Windows 10 I knew wasn’t going to happen. When I saw Chris’s predictions blog that hinted at DictationBridge, I almost screamed with excitement.

With the project funding so far, I’ll be able to finally use Dragon with NVDA, which is my primary screen reader. I hope you’ll help by donating to the campaign, though, so that people in a similar situation to my own will be able to dictate, and also be able to use the screen reader they prefer as well.