DictationBridge Prototype Now Available!

Welcome to the DictationBridge prototype

This is Proof-Of-Concept code, which means that it is used to show that what we claim is possible. Most of this code will not make it into production, or will be heavily modified.

The showcase is an NVDA add-on that does the following things:

  • Echos back recognized text when dictating while using Microsoft Windows speech-recognition or Dragon from Nuance.
  • Makes it possible for a user to interact using speech with the Windows speech-recognition corrections dialog.

Current Limitations

  • When using Dragon, the echo-back feature only works in rich edit controls; therefore no echo-back in web browsers or in Microsoft Office applications.
  • The Windows speech-recognition dialog is accessible only via voice.

Bug reports

Please no bug reports yet! This is not the testing Beta– that is coming later.

We appreciate feedback, however as stated before, this is Proof-Of-Concept code so we are not looking for bug reports at this time. It would be a waste to fix this code since so little of it will remain intact in the end-product.

Feature requests

We will take all suggestions. However, these may or may not be possible to implement, and this Proof-of-Concept code does not contain all the features we’ve already got planned for the future. The fastest way for you to get your suggestion implemented is to contribute to our crowd funding campaign.

Get the prototype for yourself

You can get a copy of the DictationBridge prototype for yourself by doing the following:

Download the NVDA addon to your computer. Then, run the add-on and confirm that you want to install it. Once this is done, restart NVDA, and you’ have access to the DictationBridge functionality.