Announcing DictationBridge: A Free Dictation Solution For Screen Reader Users

Welcome to the dictationBridge website.

DictationBridge will be a screen reader plug-in that will allow blind users to better enjoy speech recognition.

DictationBridge will enhance the interaction model for blind users of Dragon and Microsoft dictation utilities.
It may seem that speech synthesis and recognition would conflict with each other. . . Indeed,, if you place a microphone near speakers, it does pick up sound and can cause squealing feedback. However, with DictationBridge, screen reader users will not experience this issue for reasons too complex to describe in this brief announcement.

In most cases, users interact with screen readers via a collection of keyboard commands. However, there are many screen reader users who have additional impairments, such as learning disabilities or repetitive strain injuries, who need to use speech recognition to get things done. With DictationBridge, they can enjoy their screen reader in a more efficient manner and one that is compatible with other disabilities or repetitive stress injuries, a malady, based on observational and anecdotal evidence, common among blind people due largely to using a keyboard far more heavily than those who use vision for their computational experiences.

Command and control of one’s system can also be made more efficient for screen readers using dictation and DictationBridge provides access to this as well.. Speech-recognition is often represented in popular culture with scenarios like Star Trek where the computer would do whatever the crew of the Enterprise would ask of it. Speech recognition is not quite at that level, however it is possible to command your computer using speech recognition today and have it carry out pre-programmed tasks.

DictationBridge enhances the users’ experience with speech recognition and screen readers. It fills many gaps that occur due to the interaction of these systems and accessibility problems in the software from Nuance and Microsoft.

DictationBridge is designed to be as screen reader agnostic as possible. The program, however, will be first coded for and tested against the NVDA screen reader for Microsoft Windows .

DictationBridge is free, libre, open source software (FLOSS) . and it will be available, including 100% of it’s source code, upon release. The DictationBridge team is dedicated to protecting your freedoms.

If you would like to get more information about this project, join the mailing list by activating this link to join the dictationBridge mailing list or by this link which will launch your email program and, with it, you can just send the mail without adding anything else. Whether you use either the form or the email, you will receive a confirmation message with instructions on how to complete your registration.

Those of you who are interested in DictationBridge but don’t want to join a discussion list and want to follow the project’s progress should come back to this page often as we hope to be updating it frequently.

Thanks For reading and please do join our effort to bring DictationBridge to the world at no cost to all but those who make a voluntary contribution to our crowdfunding effort.

6 thoughts on “Announcing DictationBridge: A Free Dictation Solution For Screen Reader Users”

  1. Please please please tell me this is going to work with Windows 7. If it does, I think I will cry tears of joy. tired of having to type everything all day on a laptop keyboard. Will take any break I can get.

  2. Oh, wow. this sounds so awesome. I can’t wait to give this a spin. Awesome job guys. You are surely going to make things much easier for everyone. Thank you so much for your time and effort in creating such an awesome peace of software!!!

  3. This sounds extremely exciting and I’m looking forward to the release. That said, I’m a bit confused by the last line of this announcement: Thanks For reading and please do join our effort to bring DictationBridge to the world at no cost to all but those who make a voluntary contribution to our crowdfunding effort.” Is there a crowd-funding campaign? If yes, where can I get more info about it?

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